Born in Swatow, China, Uncle Chieng migrated to Singapore with his parents in 1961. His love for ice-cream started from a young age as he was always helping out at his relative’s small ice-cream stand. Uncle Chieng decided to venture out on his own in 1965—he spent all his savings on a motorcycle and established a mobile ice-cream business around the Tanglin Halt and Chinatown/Outram Park area. In the 1990s, when Orchard Road started to emerge as Singapore’s premier shopping district that attracted large crowds of both locals and tourists, Uncle Chieng decided to permanently station his ice-cream stall in front of Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya). He can still be found at this exact same location even till today and has a strong following of customers.

Due to overwhelming popularity, Uncle Chieng with the help of his son, Alvin Chieng, started out an ice-cream catering business, Crème of Dreams Pte Ltd, in 2002. This bold move is not only a testament to Uncle Chieng’s success but as the name of the catering company also suggests, it is a realization of the childhood dream of Uncle Chieng to be an ice-cream vendor and entrepreneur. Uncle Chieng capitalized on this success to achieve the distribution rights of F&N Magnolia ice cream in 2004, before switching to Unilever Wall’s ice cream in 2009. An investor subsequently bought over Crème of Dreams (who renamed as Dreams of Crème) in 2011 and Uncle Chieng saw this as an opportunity to develop his own brand name. Uncle Chieng Pte Ltd was thus born in 2016 and Uncle Chieng remains committed to serve customers with their beloved traditional and wafer ice-cream.


Uncle Chieng started his mobile ice-cream stall around Tanglin and Chinatown Area
Uncle Chieng permanently stationed his stall outside Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre
Crème of Dreams ice-cream catering company established by Uncle Chieng and his son
Uncle Chieng obtained the distribution rights of F&N Magnolia ice-cream
Unilever Wall’s ice cream’s distribution rights was awarded to Uncle Chieng
Crème of Dreams was sold to an investor
Uncle Chieng Pte Ltd was established